ChessBase 14 (Updates 28) [L] [RUS + ENG + 6] (2018) (14.28)

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ChessBase 14 (Updates 28)
Год выпуска: 2018
Жанр: Шахматы
Разработчик: ChessBase GmbH
Издатель: ChessBase GmbH
Платформа: Windows
Версия: 14.28
Тип издания: Лицензия
Язык интерфейса: русский, английский, немецкий, французский, испанский, голландский, итальянский, польский
Язык озвучки: отсутствует
Таблэтка: Присутствует (CB-Keygen28)
Системные требования:
ОС: Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 10
Процессор: Процессор Pentium (или эквивалентный процессор AMD®) с тактовой частотой 2,0 ГГц или выше
Память: 512 МБ ОЗУ
Графика: совместимая с DirectX® видеокарта
DirectX: версия 9.0c
Хранение: 2 ГБ свободного места
ChessBase 14 - это персональный автономный шахматный менеджер баз данных, который стал стандартом во всем мире. Каждый использует ChessBase, от чемпиона мира до любителя по соседству. Это программа выбора для тех, кто любит игру и хочет узнать больше об этом. Начните свою историю успеха с ChessBase и наслаждайтесь своими шахматами еще больше.
Дополнительная информация:
Обновлённый русификатор. Программа обновлена 5 ноября 2019.
Облегчённая сборка без BigBase.
Отличие от
(CB-Keygen28, Обновлённый русификатор от ChessBase 15, Updates 28)
Наличие/отсутствие рекламы:
Реклама отсутствует

Порядок установки

При установке запросит ключ вставить из текста key , установить активировать при помощи CB-Keygen28 (запуск от администратора),
установить обновление из папки CB14_SP28_Rus , русификация копировать папку Russian в папку Messages , затем в настройках языка выбираем Russian .


Список изменений

- Position of move marker and diagram number in bitmap diagram print.
- Database dependent crashes in search.
- Publish games, cancel did publish as html.
- Improved training print.
- Crash during game save.
- Paste PGN without moves.
- Error in options dialog.
- Regression: Crash in tabbed dialogs.
- Update window title after next game.
- Intermittent crash after find doubles.
- Performance reference search.
- Possible infinite loop when creating a knockout table with 15 rounds.
- Some search mask links in text didn't work.
- Next best in engine cloud, requires update of provider and user.
- Possible crash when setting an annotation "game reference"
- Result statistitics for player did not work.
- Output game title to RTF.
- Text display error in corr dialog.
- Daylight saving time bug in correspondence move dialog.
- Crash in search with broken database.
- Replacing a game could partially damage the search booster.
- Importing games from PGN to CBH didn't always increase counter in libs.
- Using today-button in save dialog resetted data already changed before.
- Regression: ICCF game moves were not loaded any more.
- Regression: Loading html from DVD failed.
- Random crash in database sort.
- Bug in database reorganisation.
- In some circumstances tmp files could be left over.
- Regression: Edit database name.
- Regression: Tournament list on server sometimes showed all games.
- Regression: Create UCI engine from path name with non 7-bit ascii characters.
- Cleanup variations could delete big subtrees or even all variations.
- Improved store/load of window placement.
- Optimize all columns improved.
- Game merge sometimes dropped information in combination with repetitions.
- Generating PGN databases > 2 GB failed
- Regression: Figurine notation didn't show figurines.
- Cleanup variations could delete big subtrees or even all variations.
- Saving or replacing a text creates an error in game title lib.
- Character encoding in HTML file generation.
- Crash in Tactical Analysis.
- Disable power saving mode during analysis of a game.
- Regression: Archives from databases other then CBH didn't open properly.
- Regression: Kill doubles missed some.
- Mac: Crashes during program start in Win7.
- Mixed unicode and transcripted annotations.
- Regression: Game counter in keys not set to zero when key parts were reassigned.
- Regression: Crash in tactical analysis on some cpus.
- Word wrap with chinese annotations.
- Reset in save dialog didn't always delete rating numbers.
- Database names with umlauts (or cyrillic characters etc.) in icon lists.
- Crash in manoeuvre search if first game in db is a text.
- Next/previous game on search result.
- CB diagram in text file with user defined pieces.
- Figurine in RTF.
- Figurine input problems with some languages.
- Regression: Multiboard display.
- Store diagram as tif.
- Bug in manoeuvre search.
- Read notation in automatic replay.
- No busy wait in automatic replay.
- Place draw offers on the right of the board.
- High contrast mode improved.
- Creating an UCI engine with 1 CPU could fail.
- Error in tactical analysis.
- Error in merge.
- Error in library handling, double entries.
- OnlineDB: Loading an annotated game jumps to correct position.
- Faster program start.
- Regression: Graphical error with annotation in front of first move.
- Regression: Graphical error in engine window with figurine notation.
- Format error in notation with game links.
- Graphical error in multiboard after closing a board.
- New button "Today" in save dialog.
- Windows 10 1709 bug with splitters, resulting in graphical errors.
- Board and window titles were not set in streams and multiboard.
- In multi watch the yellow frame was missing initially.
- Crash in Deep Analysis if started on last move of mainline with previous analysis in mainline.
- Improved handling of non-standard-compliant PGN.
- Analysis jobs created defective result databases.
- Faster initialisation of database window.
- Improved handling of non-standard-compliant PGN.
- Executing text links could crash after deleting double games while a text from this database was open.
- From second game on playchess ratings and tournament was missing from game.
- Animation error castling chess 960, king could disappear.
- Better handling of broken PGN.
- Crash in search with very long manoeuvres.
- Unannotate game removes nullmoves at the end of a game.
- Save window layout before removing engine panes.
- Regression: "New mainline" in variation dialog on server was not sent correctly to viewers.
- Regression: Link "Solution" in Nota didn't work properly.
- Regression: Next/Previous chapter in streams was broken.
- Better handling of proposed engines when loading kibitzers.
- Some annotations in tactical analysis were always english.
- Formula doesn't change any more with pool blitz.
- Move 3D board with cursor keys.
- New game, then save game saved in most recently used database.
- Some corrections and enhancements in PGN parser.
- Corrections Pool-Blitz.
- Text output format EBook could not be de-selected.
- Endless loop in full analysis if game ends in tablebase position.
- Detection of more than one cpu group on server versions.
- Click on diagram of training question jumped to position before training question.
- Default training questions were not loaded from PGN.
- Pool-Blitz/Bullet.
- Up to 256 GB Hash for Engines.
- Crash in notation with invalid data.
- Crash in Deep Analysis if started on last move of a variation.
- Regression: Integrity check could destroy database key.
- Regression: Opening reference on an online database search result.
- Improved tactical analysis.
- Improved sort order of database icons.
- Crash while closing a window after a database search.
- Inkonsistent behaviour of the options dialog.
- Regression: Program hung in Win7.
- Account-Login could fail.
- New streaming and video format.
- Control board has design dialog.
- Closing Elo profile caused crash.
- Splash screen did not appear at program start.
- Crash in Cloud Analysis with 3 engines.
- Archives with files bigger than 2GB could not be read.
- Annotation dialog marks languages with content.
- Crash in live video if flash player is not installed.
- Account login dialog has a button to request a new password.
- Tactical Analysis on search result didn't store the analysis.
- Multiple choice question was not displayed if on first move.
- Generating rtf inserts diagrams at training questions.
- Load start moves was stored and stayed active until explicitly switched off.
- Regression: Some UCI-Engines loaded with 1 cpu if "intelligent cpu usage" was switched off and no cpu setting was specified in the uci file.
- Regression: Reading time information from PGN in a certain format failed.
- Several potential crashes.
- Fullscreen mode left title bar at top.
- Improved loading of Fritz 15 engine.
- Error reading PGN, text before first move could get lost.
- Starting a new training session after closing one switched off sending of moves to pupils.
- Tournament template dialog size fixed.
- Small bug in search mask, returned move number could be wrong.
- Load start moves in unrated games on playchess.
- Regression: Crash fullscreen.
- Regression: Switching to figurine notation could fail.
- Crash when deactivating playerbase.
- Memory leaks in 3D board.
- New look in tabbed dialogs.
- Option to add game data in copy position of rtf.
- Game in video stopped if game contains pawn structure or piece path annotation until dialog was closed.
- Some illegal chess positions could not be shown in videos.
- Error when closing main window.
- Optimize all columns in LiveBook didn't work as expected.
- Right click on board on touch screen.
- Progress dialog mirrored in task bar icon.
- Memory and GDI leak in notation.
- Crash Optimize all columns.
- Graphical error in feedback dialog.
- Training diagrams were printed out even if diagrams were switched off in page setup.
- Opening the online database immediately starts a search.
- Opening Novelty Annotation with quoted games in Tactical Analysis.
- Tactical Analysis: Sharper alternatives, better attack and initiative detection, combination detection improved.
- Tactical Analysis: Weak alternatives improved, analyses 43... Re8! in Carlsen-Karjakin 5 better.
- Tactical Analysis: Switch Engine off after Analysis (e.g.overnight) to reduce power consumption.
- Tactical Analysis: Set "?" and "??" a bit less politely.
- Loading a game without moves sometimes prevented loading the next game.
- Opening Fritz- and Openings-App from Ribbon didn't work correctly with all browsers.
- Improved PGN specification compliance.
- Green arrows in 3D board where blue.
- Extended tournament info was not handled correctly in reorganisation.
- New look in dialogs.
- Regression: Sometimes the engine window didn't show mainlines.
- Selecting a move from the variation dialog by pressing Enter always selected the second move.
- The slider replay control could position the board behind a training question.
- Format error in notation if an annotation ends with .
- Changing the reference database through the ribbon in a game window didn't change the selection.
- In notation allways add a move number after a diagram.
- Error in manoeuvre search with wildcards.
- Tactical Analysis switched notation from figurines to characters.
- Right click on a touch screen.
- In broadcasts volume was always reset to 0.
- Sometimes an UCI engine didn't produce mainlines in multi pv mode.
- Crash when loading games in certain window arrangements.
- Assisted Analysis online on playchess.
- Underline game quotations and web links in printed games.
- Loading next game with F11 always switched to full notation.
- Solving training from notation displays feedback to moves.
- ICO file for a special database icon was not included into a CBV archive
- Manoeuvres dialog was not saved correctly.
- Move statistics in reference search could be incomplete.
- Medals weren't shown in game list of CBOne databases.
- Source-Data is stored to and read from PGN.
- Loading diagram list was broken.
- Reference search result was sorted wrong way.
- Notation window: Click on the black player showed pictures of the white player.
- Board window allowed infinite square entries.
- Manoeuvres dialog was not loaded correctly.
- After switching the language on playchess only the home tab was left.
- After return from fullscreen the ribbons were grafically broken.
- Crash in tactical analysis.
- Error in game loading.
- Dossier of player not in encyclopedia didn't work.
- Selecting a filter in file dialogs didn't automatically add the selected extension.
- Crash while opening database window.
- Closing the training dialog doesn't show the solution.
- Databases can be pinned to the list of recently used databases.
- Edit database properties not from main list also updates the database in the main list.
- Default 3D board looks better
- After import, games will now be classified in opening and theme keys
- When choosing "download selected games" an additional database from 2012 was downloaded.
- Crash in search from database list if quicklist is switched off.
- Save and load illegal positions and games.
- Displaying threats didn't work.
- Textfiles add a diagram if the position is not the normal start position.
- Error in "Fix sort order".
- Online database on playchess.
- A "hovering" piece vanished when the opponent moved.
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